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Mr. Groomed Sculpting Pomade

$ 10.00

Mr. GROOMED SCULPTING POMADE: Can control any ambitious hair situation. Our alcohol-free weightless formula keeps you looking sophisticated all day long. Infuse your style with pliable pomade and enjoy the refreshing scent. Best of all, Mr. Groomed is filled with ingredients that moisturize and help maintain healthy hair.

MUST HAVE HAIR STYLING PRODUCT FOR MEN - Need to get those strands into place?  To get your hair under control, you need the right hair styling tool, and our Mr. Groomed Matte Hair Pomade for Men with strong hold will keep your hair locked in all day and it won’t weigh it down like the old-school oily versions do. Cool right?

MEN'S HAIR POMADE WITH MATTE FINISH - if you're the kind of man who likes a no-shine finish, we have the perfect matte styling pomade that can also be good for flattening the sides of hair before using a lighter wax or spray for a more contemporary, textured finish on top.

SCULPT YOUR HAIR TO PERFECTION – Try this safe and harmless hair care product with an alcohol-free weightless formula, filled with ingredients that moisturize and help maintain healthy hair. Suited to all hair types, it is ideal for adding texture and definition and for sculpting more architectural styles.

SCIENCE-BASED INGREDIENTS: Infused with Vitamin Pro-B5 Vitamin A, B, C, and E to support moisture retention, and elasticity while resisting damage from heat, and sun exposure and making hair appear more volumizing and Healthy-Looking.

FREE FROM HASH-HARMFUL CHEMICALS SUCH AS: Sulfate-Free, Phthalates-Free, Alcohol-Free, No BPA and Cruelty-Free  

PERFECTLY DESIGNED PACKAGING: A pump dispenser to consistently distribute hair pomade so you can professionally style your hair with ease. You only need a small amount to be applied to towel-dried hair before styling, so it can penetrate immediately into your hair and provide super-rich nourishment, comb it through and air dry or blow dry to achieve that that amazing look that will make you feel like you just left the barbershop.

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