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Mr. Polished Medium Hold Gel, Mr. Vibrant Volumizing Shampoo & Pocket size Comb

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Mr. Polished Medium Hold Gel can control the most common hair situation. Our alcohol-free strong-hold formula keeps you looking polished all day long. Infuse your style with mild shine and enjoy the irresistible fresh masculine scent while you're at it.  

Mr. Vibrant Volumizing Shampoo is designed for the man on the go, Hair Situation Mr. Vibrant Invigorates and refreshes as it deeply cleanses. This shampoo eliminates impurities and volumizes hair. Enjoy the fresh scent while fighting the enzyme that contributes to thinning hair, to leave you feeling clean and fresh. 

Pocket size Comb
Instantly feel the benefits of Hair Situation handmade comb. It’s saw-cut, polished, and buffed by hand, resulting in a gentile, treatment of hair and scalp. This comb is constructed meticulously with longevity in mind.

handmade comb – 4 inches long ideal for both coarse and fine hair 

  • A Gentleman's Essential Handmade Comb
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Beautiful Tortoiseshell Design
  • Gentle on the Scalp

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